Characteristics of Good Digital Signage Software

People learned during elementary school that computer systems are composed of two major components: hardware and software. Both interact with each other to give users a hassle-free experience. Both systems are synergistic; upgrading to efficient hardware enables more powerful software to be installed, while better software maximizes the potential of excellent hardware. The converse is also true; even if you have state-of-the-art display equipment for use in rich media signage systems, using poor software will result in suboptimal performance and higher maintenance costs.

Signage SoftwareNot all software packages are created equal. While some can only offer basic services, others contain features designed to maximize performance and defend against any setbacks. In particular, if you are searching for the best software to complement your digital signage system, here are some characteristics you should look for:

•    User-Friendly Interface
A good software package should be easy to operate. If operators find it difficult to use a particular program, they might not take advantage of all features offered by the software. Ideally, rich media signage software should be usable even by operators with minimal technical expertise.
Nevertheless, user-friendliness should not come at the expense of performance. Who would want to buy software that is easy to use, but has nothing else to offer? Manufacturers should find the perfect balance between simplicity and power.

•    Centralized Control
Content management for digital signage systems can become very complicated. Such systems need to manage a complex system of media players and display consoles. Signage software packages need to be able to receive, process, schedule, and display high-quality content.
Good digital signage software allows operators to manage the entire network from one device. Such software needs to be able to receive content data from various sources, preferable with minimal operator intervention. Once it has received the data, it should be capable of supporting schedules, enabling operators to determine when and where such content should be displayed. In addition, it should let operators make simple edits to the content. Finally, the software should provide adequate feedback to notify operators of any pertinent errors.

•    Access Flexibility
There are times when operators cannot be around the content management server, which is used to coordinate the entire rich media signage network. In such situations, good software should offer flexible control options to users. For example, Media Sign Pro, one of the most powerful signage software packages available in the market, can be controlled using cloud computing technologies, letting users run such a system from anywhere in the world, as long as an Internet connection is present and the users have access to a web browser.
Moreover, every operator knows that they should be prepared for urgent changes in content. As such, they might decide to move content schedules or even edit the actual content. In such cases, using good software will enable them to implement these changes with minimal interruption of current broadcasts.

•    Enhanced Security
Malware is an ever increasing threat to the digital world. In addition, hackers often abound in urban locations, waiting for the right moment to strike. Without proper protection, both threats can cripple rich media signage system, causing massive and possibly irreversible damage to infrastructure. To prepare for these disasters, good software should prioritize security by possessing certain features, such as encryption or malware detection. In addition, such software should be able to notify operators immediately of any security threats, reducing the chances of sustaining damage.

Next time you buy software for your rich media signage system, look for these characteristics and use them to judge whether a software package is suitable for your needs. With proper analysis of your choices, you can be sure that you buy software that can enhance your experience with digital signage.
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